What Is Greenwashing And How To Avoid It


Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing practice in which a company or organization claims to be environmentally friendly, but its services and products are not as green as they appear. Companies may use greenwashing to make it appear that their products are more eco-friendly than they really are, or that their operations have a lesser environmental impact than is actually the case.


To avoid greenwashing, it is important to look beyond the marketing claims of any product or service. By taking a closer look at the materials used and processes involved in its production, you can better assess whether a company is truly sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, research the sustainability commitments of companies you're looking to purchase from to get a better understanding of their environmental track record.


When researching, look for third-party certification seals from independent organizations that have evaluated the company's practices and products. These certifications are usually backed by research, so you can be sure that any claims made about a product or service have been verified.


It is also important to consider what happens to the product after it has been used. Is the item recyclable or biodegradable? If not, then it is important to look for alternatives that can be responsibly disposed of or repurposed.


Finally, when making a purchase, always opt for companies that have transparent supply chains and communicate their sustainability goals openly. Doing so will give you a better understanding of the company's values and help ensure that your money is going to an organization that stands by its commitments.


By being conscious of greenwashing and researching potential purchases, you can support companies and organizations that are truly dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.


At Keepers Collective, you can shop with confidence, knowing that our products are kind to you and kind to the earth. We're always seeking new ways to uphold our collective responsibility towards the planet and all living things. For more information on ways you can be kind to the earth check out our blog page and bee inspired! 

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