10 Ways To Reuse Keepers Collective Jars

Upcycling Keepers Collective skincare jars is the perfect way to show love to both your skin and your environment. Not only will you be taking care of your own health, but you will also be making a conscious effort to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Upcycling jars are made from glass, which is not only infinitely recyclable but can also be reused and repurposed in a variety of ways. Now that you’ve got your Keepers Collective skincare products don’t let the empty glass jars go to waste! Time to have some fun upcycling your jars, here are some creative and fun ways to reuse them:


1. Create a beautiful candle holder. You can use these little jars for all kinds of candles - from big tapers to scented votives. All you’ll need is a little glue and some creativity!



2. Plant a mini succulent garden in your jars. Place pebbles at the bottom of each jar, then add soil and your favorite succulents. Now you can add a unique touch to any room in your house!



3. Use your jars as storage containers. Many of us have small items around the house, such as screws and nails, that can easily be upcycled into useful storage solutions with Keepers Collective jars.


4. Create an herb garden in your kitchen. Put soil and water in your jar for a quick-and-easy way to grow all kinds of herbs right at home. Not only will you have a steady supply of fresh ingredients, you’ll also get to show off your creative touch!



5. Make DIY gifts in jars. Fill them up with homemade treats or goodies and give them out as thoughtful presents for friends and family. Whether it’s a jar of cookies or a homemade candle, there’s no doubt they’ll appreciate your thoughtful gesture!



6. Create a terrarium! Put some soil, moss, and your favorite plants in the jars for a mini ecosystem that will bring life to any room. Plus, it’s perfect for sprucing up your desk at work or brightening up your bedroom.



7. Store your jewelry in style. From necklaces to rings, you can keep all of your favorite pieces organized and tangle-free in these sweet little Keepers Collective jars.



8. Put together a snack station for your kids’ lunchboxes. Fill these jars with healthy snacks like nuts and trail mix so you know your kids are getting the nourishment they need.



9. Create colorful decorations for your next party. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or just a get-together with friends, these little jars can be filled with all kinds of treats and trinkets that will add some extra fun to your celebration!



10. Keep your desk tidy with craft supplies. From markers and crayons to glitter and glue, you can store all of the essentials in one place - and make sure everyone has something to do during those long Zoom calls!



No matter what you choose to do with your Keepers Collective jars, get creative and have fun! Upcycling is a great way to reduce waste while showing off your unique style. Make sure to tag Keepers Collective in your creative uses on Instagram or TikTok and join us in making the world a greener place!




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