8 tips for soft, dewy winter skin

When the temperature begins to drop, and the air gets brisk and chilly, achieving that fresh-from-a-facial dewy, soft look can be a real struggle. Cheeks get dry, lips become chapped, and acne, eczema, and psoriasis flare-ups are more prevalent than ever.  
The good news is there are ways you can fight back against dry, dull skin to reveal a healthy, summertime glow all year long. 
For many people, skincare routines need some adjusting with each season to keep the skin nourished and radiant. The top layer of our skin - known as the stratum corneum - takes quite a beating during the change of weather from humidity, wind, and temperature. These changes can cause damage to the skin barrier that results in skin that is unable to retain moisture and protect against environmental damage like pollution, UV rays, and other toxins. 
Here are eight tips to help you achieve winter skin that is soft and dewy!  
Switch to a gentle facial cleanser 
Choose a natural, gentle facial cleanser free of intense chemicals that can strip the moisture out of the skin and cause more damage than you might think.  
Pick a cleanser formulated with quality ingredients to remove makeup and reinvigorate the skin without using harsh chemicals. Remember, you want to clean the skin, not strip it!  
When the outer layer of the skin gets damaged, it can no longer protect the other layers as effectively, causing a flakey, irritated, dull appearance. 
Utilize a humidifier in the bedroom 
The skin repairs and rests while you sleep, but your skin cannot go through its regenerative process if the air is too dry. By using a humidifier while you sleep, you can reintroduce moisture into the air, helping the skin maintain moisture and preventing disruption to the skin barrier that can cause dryness, dullness, or breakouts.  
Exfoliate weekly 
Cold weather can cause the outer layer of skin cells to die faster, so regularly exfoliating the skin will slough away dead cells to reveal renewed, glowing skin. This can soften the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, clear clogged pores, and improve the absorption of products into the skin. There are physical exfoliants such as coffee, salt, and sugar scrubs or chemical exfoliants that use ingredients like glycolic acid and lactic acid.  
Use moisturizer daily  
Moisturizing is one of the essential steps in your daily skincare routine, as it’s the best way to give your skin a natural-looking glowy, dewy complexion. The best time to moisturize is when your skin is clean and slightly damp after washing and toning.  
Drink plenty of water  
When we are dehydrated on the inside, it can wreak havoc on the outside as well. Health professionals recommend 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. If it’s too chilly for refreshing iced water, you can do a steamy mug of hot water with water.  
Lather up the sunscreen 
Protection from the sun’s powerful rays is important year-round, not just during the hot summer days. Wearing sunscreen daily can prevent short and long-term damage like wrinkles, dry spots, and even more severe complications like cancer.  
Invest in a facial mist  
A facial mist is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine that can provide potent hydrating properties for dry skin, especially when combined with oils and other ingredients. Rosewater, in particular, is a great choice thanks to its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.  
Get more Zzz’s 
As we sleep, cortisol levels drop, and oxygen is encouraged to flow through the body, ramping up our detoxification and restoration mechanisms. This helps the skin feel and look more rejuvenated and healthy!  
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