Goat Milk & Honey Bath Bomb Gift Set


Introducing our exceptional, all-natural bath bombs! Immerse yourself in a luxurious experience of pampering and self-care like never before. With carefully selected ingredients, our bath bombs are specially created to:
-Relax your senses with invigorating aromatherapy


  • Soothe and refresh your skin with the nourishing benefits of goat milk
  • Hydrate and revitalize your body with the pure goodness of raw honey

Experience the sheer bliss of our luxurious bath bombs! Elevate your self-care routine or surprise someone special with the perfect gift of indulgence.

Superpower ingredients - straight from the hive: Pure Raw Honey, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Goat Milk, Kaolin Clay, Floral Pieces, Sweet Almond Oil, SLSA, Natural Fragrance Oil

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