Did you know?
Only 8 surviving species of honeybees are now recognized.


More than spoonfuls of honey

What started as a childhood appreciation for bees and their sweet, runny by-product, grew into a passion for healthier, cleaner living, pollinator conservation, and education.

Beekeeping isn’t just a hobby-turned-business. It’s something I felt called to do in order to help protect future generations of bees, and our own species as humans on this planet.

When you become aware that the current state of pollinator health all stems from how we’ve been treating our earth, it weighs heavy. Taking direct action by keeping honeybees and creating pollinator gardens so wild bees could also thrive felt like the next, natural step.

As my own children looked on and began to understand how they could make a positive impact on the world around them, an idea came to me: What if we could empower young children to make small but mighty changes by learning to care for and protect their surroundings?

And so our Bee Camps and community outreach programs bloomed!

Sharing my love for bees and inspiring children to nurture - not only the world around them, but their own dreams, too - is what it’s all about!

As you enjoy our products and discover the remarkable wellness benefits that lie within the hive for yourself, we hope you’ll help communicate the honeybee’s important message.

No matter how small you may feel, you can make a big difference in the world.

Bee Well!
Jillian, Founder & Keeper

Did you know?
An average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

Did you know?
Planting native flowers is one of the easiest ways to support pollinators in your area!

bee-lieve in a better world


The definition of nurture,

“the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something”

is exactly what it means to be a honeybee.

At Bee Camp, junior beekeepers learn all about honeybees: how they work for the good of the whole colony, while nurturing our planet with the gift of pollination, too!

Featured Camp Topics Include:
-Who’s who, life in the honeybee hive
-Jobs of the worker bees and how they communicate
-The relationship between bees and the foods we eat
-PNW bees and the plants that sustain them
-Preservations of bees & what families can do at home to be good stewards of bees

Hands-On Camp Activities Include:
-Beehouse exploration in bee suits
-Interactive games
-Bee explorations & pollinator hunts
-Honey Tasting
-Garden exploration
-Make a mason bee habitat to take home
-Bee Art!

All 3-Day Camps Run Mon-Wed 9am-3pm
2023 Bee Camp Dates:

Coming Soon!

For more info or to register your child for Bee Camp

We can’t wait to welcome the junior beekeepers of 2023!


beyond the hive

Our commitment to sustainability as a skincare brand is rooted in spreading awareness - through our all-natural, handmade honeybee products, but also through the work we do when we’re not making your favorite body butters and face masks!

Every Keeper’s Collective purchase helps with the continued care and protection of our very own honeybee apiary and wild bees. A portion of profits from each sale goes towards the upkeep of our colonies, hive maintenance, the expansion of our pollinator gardens, and continued community outreach to spread the word about the essential role of all pollinators.

As you enjoy our products and discover the remarkable wellness benefits that lie within the hive for yourself, we hope you’ll help communicate the honeybee’s important message.

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Did you know?
Honeybees can fly between 15—20 miles per hour

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