What's on the bee deck?

Langstroth hives are what most people think of when they think of modern beekeeping; they are the most common hives used in North America and Australia. Langstroth hives are made of rectangular boxes with removable frames for the bees to build comb in. The boxes are then stacked on top of one another as the colony develops and grows. At Keepers Collective, we have two conventional Langstroth hives on our Bee Deck, as well as one Australian Flow Hive. All three hives are situated on our bee deck atop our beehouse.

The Australian Flow Hive has a hive body like a conventional Langstroth hive with a unique “honey super” that allows the beekeeper to harvest honey without going through the normal extracting process. We liken it to having a “honey tap” it’s an easy way to harvest honey, but the process of managing and caring for our bees in the Flow Hive is the same as any other Langstroth hive.

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