Unique Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day

It’s hard to believe we’re headed into our second quarantine-style Mother’s Day. Traditionally, the day is often filled with elaborate brunch outings and family get-togethers, accompanied by in-person hugs and kisses. However, social distancing measures are still encouraged, so many of these traditions will need to be postponed for another year. So, while things may still not be completely back to normal, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be canceled! In fact, we have some inspiring ways you can celebrate the Queen Bees in your life this year.  
Decorate her porch or front door 

If you're local, head over to her house for a surprise decorating party. If you have kids, get them involved, too! Decorate the door with streamers, lights, homemade signs, or a wreath. You can also create your own flower arrangement by filling baskets, mason jars, tin buckets, or flower pots with her favorite blooms to place on her steps or frame her doorway. Pinterest has a ton of amazing ideas if you need inspiration!  
Cook her breakfast (or set up a virtual brunch date!)  
If your mom is local, dropping by with some breakfast is a classic gift that is much appreciated. Try and choose items that travel well, such as quiches, breakfast pastries, or bagels. You can also bring some fresh orange juice and some bubbly for celebratory mimosas. Don’t forget the honey for her tea! 
If you’re not able to meet in person, a Zoom brunch works, too! Send everyone the recipe ahead of time, or consider ordering her some breakfast delivery to arrive just before your scheduled time.  

Gift her the tools for an at-home spa day 
Who doesn’t love a little bit of pampering? Put together a little “spa day” gift set for the hardworking woman in your life! For an all-encompassing package, pair our Worker Bee's Rejuvenator or Queen's Routine with her favorite nail polish, a sheet face mask, fuzzy socks, and a homemade card!  

Plant some flowers together  
If you are feeling adventurous, arrange some time to plant some beautiful flowers together. You can buy various packets of seeds and vegetables and create a canvas for a beautiful oasis! If you have kids who want to contribute, have them draw pictures and messages on index cards and tuck them in to plant ID tags so they can be on display all season long! 
Bonus points if you opt for a pollinator-friendly garden!  

Go on an Airbnb online experience together  
Airbnb has created a special way to celebrate together during these unprecedented times. Their tailored collection of online experiences include unique opportunities to shower mom with affection, even if there is physical distance. By connecting a global community with handcrafted activities from around the world, you can connect, engage in activities, and “travel” virtually. Some of our favorites include baking Latin pastries alongside a master chef, a cocktail hour with a jazz club in London, a hand lettering calligraphy course, and a mind & body class with an olympian!  

Create a meaningful present  
Presents don’t have to be expensive and flashy. Especially when it comes to Mother’s Day, choosing a meaningful gift can mean so much more than a hefty price tag. Consider writing her a heartfelt thank you note filled with things you’ve learned from her over the years or a poem that expresses how much she means to you. You could also design a photo collage or slideshow video that showcases photos from all of her friends and family. A memento box filled with special trinkets and notes is also a great way to show mom appreciation.  
Host a Netflix party  
Google Chrome has released a fun extension called Netflix Party that allows Netflix account holders to steam the content simultaneously with a group! If mom has an account and a laptop, you can all get together and watch a movie or binge your favorite show together. There’s a chat function that allows you to comment live within the platform so you can discuss the show in real-time.

Organize your own paint night 
Send mom a canvas, some brushes, and paint to create your own paint night! There are so many fun tutorials online for learning how to paint. (PSA: there are even Bob Ross tutorial videos) You can set up a video chat to screen share the tutorial, and off you go on your journey to creating an incredible masterpiece. At the end of the lesson, you’ll both have a new piece of sentimental artwork and lots of laughs to reminisce on. 
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