Sustainable skincare for the entire family

As a busy mom, you might think that being an eco-friendly household is nearly impossible. And while, yes, it may be challenging to implement all-encompassing green practices into our daily lives, small changes to your routine (such as making some easy sustainable swaps in the kitchen) can significantly impact the environment.  
Simple changes to support sustainability can trickle down to those around you, including your family members, helping to implement small actions and habits into your household that support our planet. To help kickstart your journey to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, we've come up with some tips and tricks to creating a more sustainable skincare routine for the whole family.  
Why are natural, sustainable skincare choices important? 
As caregivers, we often think about wholesome ingredients when choosing foods to feed our families and nourish their bodies, but how much thought goes into what we're putting onto their skin? 
Many modern-day skincare products are filled with chemicals and metals that may deliver short-term results but are thought to be highly toxic to both humans and the environment when used for long periods. By choosing sustainable cosmetics, you minimize the stress and uncertainty of synthetic products - opting for longevity and beauty. Natural products also allow you to safely and effectively cut down on your family's exposure to allergens and chemicals.  
So, whether you have a house full of toddler-like toddlers or rambunctious teenagers - we have tips on how to create a quick and easy skincare routine that can help you and your family achieve glowing, healthy skin.  
How can I begin a more sustainable skincare journey for my family? 
1. Opt for recyclable packaging 
Packaging plays a huge part in the amount of trash that builds up in landfills. To increase sustainability, consider products that have recyclable containers and minimal packaging. Shampoo bars, bar soap, and lotion bars are all wonderful ways to make simple swaps from your traditional products without any sacrifice!  
For products that are made out of glass jars or metal tins, consider using them for DIY projects around the house or as a storage solution for little knickknacks!  
2. Simplify your routine  
Simplifying your routine can help you cut back on overall waste and make your process quicker! Try choosing multi-tasking products like Keepers Secret Salve. This unique salve offers a long list of naturally derived benefits. Its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant-rich properties provide a versatile and all-natural approach to skin health. It can be used as a facial moisturizer, lip balm, eye cream, acne treatment, and so much more! It can even be used to soothe diaper rash and speed up the healing of scraped knees and other kiddo-induced injuries.  
3. Choose reusable beauty tools 
Ditch the single-use makeup wipes, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. Reusable cotton balls and microfiber cloths are an eco-friendly option for washing your face and removing any makeup traces. No harsh rubbing is needed, and when you're all done, simply throw them into the wash, and they'll be good as new!  
4. Watch your water usage 
Excessive water usage can negatively impact the planet. When washing your face or brushing your teeth, do not leave the water running. And while the occasional spa-like shower is perfectly okay, we recommend minimizing daily shower time to conserve water. Talk to your family and encourage them to do the same! 
How does Keepers Collective support sustainability with their products? 
Every Keepers Collective purchase helps with the continued care of our honey bee apiary and native bee conservation. The profits from each sale will go towards our colonies' care, hive maintenance, the expansion of our pollinator gardens, and continued community outreach to spread the word about the essential role of all pollinators.  
To support sustainability, our products are also  

  • Packaged glass jars, paper tubes, and tins that can be recycled or washed out and repurposed 
  • Small batch and handmade with hive-made and other all-natural ingredients 
  • Shipped in fully recyclable packaging  

Are you interested in learning more about how to educate your family about sustainable practices? Learn how to educate your children about bees! 

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