How and why you should be using a natural body scrub

Exfoliation is often the key to healthy glowing skin. But it can be overused, or often the product is incompatible with one’s skin type. Especially if it contains artificial ingredients and unnecessary chemicals. As we each have unique skin needs, finding the right routine and products can be difficult. There are numerous scrubs, washes, peels, masks, sponges, washcloths, brushes, loofas, and methods such as dermaplaning. This all can be for the face, the body, or both. The options are endless and overwhelming.  

To eliminate some of the exfoliation product overload, it is important to know the purpose, pros, and cons of exfoliation. This helps to determine which scrub is best for you and your habits.  

What is exfoliation and why is it beneficial for you: 
Exfoliation is the process of ridding the skin of dead cells, dirt, and excess oil. Without exfoliation, the dead skin and oils and dirt will build up to cause acne, ingrown hairs, and a dull complexion. Blackheads are often the biggest sign of needing to exfoliate. General roughness of the skin can be reduced to a soft glow with the help of a natural body and face scrub. Even discoloration and scarring can fade with a beneficial and healthy routine.  
That being said, it is very possible to over-exfoliate. Using a scrub or exfoliating wash that is not compatible with your skin could cause a reverse effect where there is too much stripped from the surface. Over-exfoliation can cause dryness and irritation that leads to flaky skin. It can also cause breakouts and rashes. This makes it very important to find a natural, hydrating, and healing scrub for your skin type. 
How to find a good natural exfoliant:  
Sugar and salt are the most common natural exfoliants. Both are abrasive and work to remove dead skin cells, oils, and dirt. However, sugar is more effective for those with sensitive skin. Sugar has smaller and softer granules, which makes it easier on the skin. It also causes less irritation and less drying. For this reason, sugar scrubs are best used on the face and other sensitive areas.

 Though sugar might not be as strong as salt when it comes to abrasiveness, it can effectively slough off dead skin and not cause irritation. Often sugar scrubs are made for the face, and there are many sugar scrubs made just for the lips. Sugar scrubs are also recommended for freshly shaved areas, as salt scrubs can cause stinging and other irritation. A great solution for sensitive skin is our Whipped Body Polish which is gentle on areas like the face, lips, neck, and chest. It is made with fine sugar, raw Northwest honey, coconut oil, vitamin E, and essential oils. This scrub will provide soft exfoliation while giving back the nourishment your skin needs. Raw honey, coconut oil, and vitamin E all aid in healthy skin care.  
Because of the typical coarseness of salt, these scrubs are used more for tough areas such as the arms and legs. In places where there is little problem with sensitivity and more abrasiveness is wanted, a salt scrub is the way to go. Often salt scrubs are used for the feet, where we have rough callouses and need that extra grit. Salt scrubs work to buff away even the toughest spots for smooth skin. As an added bonus, salt scrubs can work to reduce inflammation as they are being used. Salt scrubs are used not only to exfoliate but to reduce muscle and joint pain. Some athletes use salt scrubs just for post-workout relief. Though salt scrubs provide extra abrasion, this does not mean they can’t give back moisture and nutrients. 

Coffee grounds have also been used as an alternative exfoliant besides sugar and salt. It is an antioxidant that has become an increasing favorite in the beauty world. It can be used to promote collagen, reduce inflammation, and to exfoliate the whole body. As the grounds do not dissolve in water like salt and sugar, coffee can be an excellent solution for scrubbing difficult areas. Some studies point to coffee as beneficial for treating acne and increasing blood flow where it is used as a scrub. This Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub is made with a nourishing mixture of skin softening oils and vitamins and makes a wonderful all-natural option for safely exfoliating and nourishing your face and body.

How to use scrubs effectively: 
The usual recommendation for exfoliation is once a week. But this depends entirely on the individual, as skin types differ greatly. You might be able to exfoliate almost daily with no bad side effects. Or just a weekly routine could be too much for your skin. It can be easy to get excited about a new face care routine and overdo it, or to forget that your skin needs an occasional scrub. It might take a while to understand your skin’s needs for exfoliation. The key is understanding your skin’s needs, finding the right kind of product, and then determining how much of that product your skin prefers.

It can be crucial after a body scrub to use moisturizer. Even with an oil-rich scrub, the skin may need a boost from items such as this Heel and Foot Balm or Whipped Body Butter. Moisturization is often a needed last step in the process of exfoliation and using a natural body scrub.  

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