Celebrate Dad This Father's Day

Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the love of our fathers. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still interfering with everyday activities, we’ve all been adapting and finding ways to spend quality time together while staying safe. Here are some unique ways to celebrate the important man (or men) in your life this year!  
Plan an outdoor picnic  

There’s no better way to celebrate an early June day than getting some fresh air and sunshine! So, gather up some of Dad’s favorite foods and organize an afternoon picnic. All you need is some sandwiches, finger foods, beverages, a blanket, and a Bluetooth speaker and you’re on your way to a memorable outdoor dining experience. You don’t have to go far! The backyard is a perfect spot for a picnic.  
If your dad is a self-proclaimed Grill Master, then gather some hotdogs, burgers, steak tips, and veggies and let him show off his skills! Prepare some sides in advance, so you have a nice spread for the entire family to enjoy.  

Organize a family Olympics competition  
Using your family’s favorite lawn games, create a series of “events” for an at-home Olympics experience! Cornhole, ladder golf, KanJam, and croquet are fantastic for team competitions. If you don’t have any lawn games hanging around - go for some classic “field day” events such as three-legged races, egg tosses, wheelbarrow races, or tug of war! 
Grab a large whiteboard or flip chart to keep score! If you’re feeling extra creative, explore one of these awesome DIY scoreboards! 

Treat him with a self-care package  
Pampering isn’t just for mom! Dad’s love an excuse to get spoiled as well. Treat Dad to an exclusive Just For Him - Spa Set. Complete with our Scotch Whisky Coffee Scrub, Sandalwood Vanilla Body Butter, Foot & Heel Balm, Lip Balm, and Keepers Secret Salve - dad will be radiating from head to toe! Perfect for any guy who enjoys the rugged lifestyle while still appreciating the importance of natural self-care.  

Host a backyard movie night  
Have everyone grab their favorite blanket and PJs and settle down for an outdoor movie night! Set up some seating or outdoor pillows, shine a projector against a blank wall, and pick one of dad’s favorite flicks. For an even more exciting experience, you can serve some popcorn, candy, and other delicious snacks! If you have space outside, setting up some string lights can help people navigate around the yard without tripping over one another and disturbing the movie.  

Arrange a beer or wine tasting  
Has Dad been missing out on his favorite craft breweries or wineries? If so, bring the experience to him! Arrange a beer or wine sampling that focuses on a specific area or style or offer a wide range of options that expand past his “go-to” offerings. If beer/wine knowledge isn’t your forte, check for Airbnb experiences that will do all the hard work for you! There are also a number of great online tasting “packages” that can be planned ahead of time.  

Book some tee time  
If your dad’s preferred day of celebration is on the links, grab some tee time at his favorite golf course. Maintaining physical distancing on the golf course can be easily achieved with proper planning, and Dad might be longing to get out of the house! 

Create a heartfelt photo album 
Creating a custom photo album is a special way to celebrate the memories and love you’ve shared over the years. You can pick up a blank scrapbook from your local craft store or retail store along with some markers, stickers, and glue dots. In addition to captioning the photos, you can write meaningful notes, poems, or inside jokes throughout the album for a more personalized touch.  

Devise a virtual get together  
If you cannot be with your dad in person, a virtual celebration can be just as sincere and exciting. Using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Houseparty, and Facebook Messenger is a great way to bring everyone together. Send out the invitation early in the week so the whole family can be involved! If you are looking for fun things to do during the online gathering, here are some ideas: 

  • “Virtual friendly” game night: Charades, Trivial Pursuit, Scattergories, and Cards Against Humanity are all great options  
  • Virtual dinner party: Send out a recipe ahead of time and have everyone cook and enjoy a meal together  
  • Trivia night: Just because it can’t be in person doesn’t mean the competition has to fizzle out! 
  • Virtual talent show: Have all the participants prepare an act such as playing an instrument, singing, performing a stand-up sketch, or showcasing a unique talent! 
  • Virtual cocktail night: You can take an online group class or use one of our favorite honey cocktail recipes! Have everyone learn how to prepare the drink and sip together while sharing stories.  


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