5 great ways to thank your wedding party and guests!

It's been a heck of a year; planning a wedding during a pandemic can be tricky. Many couples have had to pivot plans and get creative with how they host a wedding that's not only safe but special and memorable. Whether you're planning a small wedding in the months ahead or looking to the future when we can all gather in larger groups again, one thing won't change, the gratitude you have to your friends and family for their support and love during this special moment in your life. Here are a few ideas of ways to say thank-you to your guest when your big day finally arrives! 

Provide transportation  
It may seem like a strange consideration, but transportation can actually be quite a difficult detail when it comes to weddings. There are many wedding venue options that don’t allow for enough parking, or parking is extremely expensive. Possibly the wedding is remote, or even a destination wedding where guests won’t have cars. Providing transportation to all or some of your guests is a wonderful way to make them feel appreciate for their attendance to your special day.  

Not only will transportation help guests get to your wedding with little to no trouble, but it will give them the freedom to celebrate while getting home safely. It is a serious and party-pooping responsibility to be the designated driver, especially for an event such as a wedding. Give everyone the same privilege to party with free and easy transportation.  

Provided transportation could consist of a shuttle with a set schedule for pickups and drop offs. Guests will then be able to choose when they arrive and when they can go home. This is especially appreciated by elderly guests and those with young children. Some buses, such as party buses, help to begin and end the celebrations well.  

If hiring shuttle buses isn’t possible, provide ample direction and suggestions for other options if there are any potential setbacks like limited or pricey parking.  

Give a toast  
Toasts and speeches are a huge part of wedding tradition. Part of this tradition is thanking guests for their attendance of the ceremony and reception. It is not required, but it is usual etiquette. Weddings are a momentous occasion, and everyone there is taking part of it. Guests often travel for weddings, taking entire days or whole weeks just to help celebrate the love of two people. The guests should be those who support and love the couple, and this should be recognized and appreciated right back. A wedding may be a lot of work for those getting married, but it is also work and effort to be a wedding guest. Guests often bring gifts as well. A quick toast is a wonderful opportunity to show the gratitude of the newlyweds.  

Leave a note  
A thank you note is like a toast in writing. Not only can you share your appreciation, but your words of love and thanks can be saved forever in a beautiful card. If the wedding reception involves a seated dinner, leaving a thank you note on the seats or plates is a great way to make sure each guest receives one. Similarly, the thank you notes could be left on seats at the ceremony. They could be handed out as guests arrive, or given as the guests take their leave. Whatever works for the individual wedding set up.  

Just like the toast, the thank you notes do not have to be long and sappy. They should be simple and meaningful. And they do not have to be unique to each guest, but each guest can take home a copy of your words to cherish. Write down what you would say in a toast or speech, and copy these into cute thank you cards for each person or family unit that has spent the time and energy to celebrate you. This might also be an opportunity to individualize some thank you’s to specific people. Weddings happen fast and it seems that guests and newlyweds hardly get to speak. Thank you notes can be the perfect place to say how you feel about those around you.
Give a unique favor they can actually use!
A very popular way to thank guests is wedding favors. Especially in a time when some guests might not be able to attend due to health concerns, showing appreciation for attendance might not be as easy as giving a toast or leaving thank you notes on tables. And for those not attending in person, there won't be transportation to provide. 

For those guests who can only attend the wedding via Zoom, it is especially important to show your thanks for doing their best to participate in the celebration. For in-person and virtual guests, a great gesture of thanks are these all-natural Beekeeper's Butters, they're customizable, unique, and something everyone will love! Each scent comes in 4oz glass jars and make the perfect (lightweight) thank-you for those who can't make the in-person celebrations.

If you want to say an extra special thank-you to those closest to you in your wedding party, try adding a set of these all-natural body polishes and lip balms in both men's and women's scents! Giving the gift of something handcrafted is a meaningful way to show your appreciation for their support on your big day.

One of the best ways to say thank you is to give a memento of the occasion. As we all know, photographs are the way to capture a memory. If you can, take photos with your guests during the reception. Photos are often the most important part of a wedding day. These will be looked back on forever, a treasure for everyone. Make sure to take as many photos with as many guests as you can. After the wedding, it is fun to share the photos through email or cloud sharing. But it would be a very meaningful token for your wedding guests to receive a hard copy. Physical copies are less and less common, making it extra special. As an added bonus for your closest guests, add a frame for a nice touch and easy display. This is sure to make your guests feel appreciated and remembered.  

Whether you're planning a virtual wedding, a bigger event for the future, or maybe something in the middle, make sure you show your appreciation for your guest and let them know what they mean to you!

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